Lets design your outdoor space

We specialize in armor stone naturalized landscapes and bringing all of the landscape elements together.

Imagine when everyone is home at the same time, a small space can become anything but peaceful. You could step out side for a bit but you don’t have a place to sit, those plants have seen better days and your yard lacks privacy from your curious neighbours.

There’s so much potential in your yard. Imagine a personal oasis where you could blend together beautiful plants, various textures of rock and wood, all kinds of colors and tones along with the soothing sound of running water.

Imagine a healthier space where your kids can play all day and enjoy the wonders of nature. And if you add an outdoor kitchen or BBQ area, you’ll have the perfect space to grill out with your friends on the weekends. Not to mention that you could relax by yourself near the fireplace on chilly evenings

An outdoor living space ties it all together. Lets add some extra charm to your home.

Here are the most popular outdoor living space upgrades:

Trellises and pergolas

Grill & Dining Area

Garden Beds

Lounge Area

Fire Features

Custom Lighting

Vertical Gardens

Pond & Pondless Water Features

Reinvent the way you entertain

You love to host and treat your family and friends with homemade meals and drinks every now and then. But you wish you wouldn’t have to worry all the time about lack of space in your living room or the mess you’ll have to clean up in the kitchen after the party is over..
An outdoor living space can redefine the way you entertain. From a cocktail evening with your best friends to a BBQ weekend with your family, you have the perfect space for all the important events in your life. All that’s left to do is start making some calls and book those dates!

seeing is believing

Our groundbreaking software shows you how your finished landscape will look and feel before every breaking ground.

There is a lot of give and take in the landscape design process. Client preferences in regards to overall forum and layout, the function of every area and preferred plants and landscape features are all taken into consideration when it comes to a landscape design and will be discussed at the initial client consultation. From there a plan is developed, looking to solve the form and function puzzle of the project before getting into the finished details. Don’t like a particular aspect of the plan? No problem, we happily modify our plans until you see your vision come to virtual life. Traditionally this service has always been done in an overhead plan view but with our software, we design in both 2D and 3D simultaneously to provide a more realistic plan and proposal to our customers.

From there upon customer approval, our skilled team of professionals prints out your plan, paints out the layout on your yard and begins excavation. All that’s left to do it request a consultation and get the ball rolling today!

Want more info on our design/build services, Request a catalog!